Monday, November 20, 2017


Penelope’s is committed to quality, affordable consignment clothing for women.Superior service & a warm inviting atmosphere allows you to enjoy an "experience in current and vintage fashion".

I invite you to visit Penelope’s; browse, shop, have a cup of tea.

Free parking on both sides of the street make us a "Go To " destination.

I think you will agree you've found "a special place"


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                 Transition to Fall
                    What do you wear? It's cool when you leave for work, warm by the middle of the day and cool again at night. Layers always do the trick.
Sweaters in marino, cashmere, soft cotton; knit dresses (just pullover!) and suede or leather jackets to throw on. A pair of cool boots (ankle or high) to pull it all together. You are set. 

 We help women look & feel special, in quality clothes, at great value with a warm boutique experience!

Drop in to see the great variety of quality consignment, current & vintage clothing we have.

Look for me when you visit!  I will enjoy helping you find that perfect something to wear!

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