Friday, April 28, 2017


Penelope’s is committed to quality, affordable consignment clothing for women.Superior service & a warm inviting atmosphere allows you to enjoy an "experience in current and vintage fashion".

I invite you to visit Penelope’s; browse, shop, have a cup of tea.

Free parking on both sides of the street make us a "Go To " destination.

I think you will agree you've found "a special place"


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          Winter is losing the Battle
           warm fabrics are still in vogue     
    Rich Colours , Beautiful Fabrics
Now the season continues for cashmere, silk, leather and of course fine wools, along with tweed, striped, and checkered patterns. A short jacket or long blazer goes perfectly with leggings, jeans or a long skirt, I love this Look!
We adore cosiness, comfort and style this season.

 We help women look & feel special, in quality clothes, at great value with a warm boutique experience!

Drop in to see the great variety of quality consignment, current & vintage clothing we have.

Look for me when you visit!  I will enjoy helping you find that perfect something to wear!

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